Welcome to The Simple Hippie. There’s a long, drawn-out story behind this title. Let me give you the simplified version. After all, this is a site about simplicity.


Once upon a time, there was a young girl who had long, straight hair. Occasionally she braided a piece, but rarely did she pull it back. She wore few beads, though she adored them. She wore sandals, though usually she was barefoot. She loved things like tennis, riding a bike, reading a great novel, and writing in her journal. She drew, painted, and created concoctions of food for her parents. She mixed up potions to pour on her face and hair, and even tried making her own lotions and soaps.

Soon, she grew up, got married, and had children. Tennis and bike riding were behind her. Her love for creating, painting, writing, it came to an end. Her hair was permed, little curls adorning her face, not because she liked it, but because it was the popular thing to do. She often did things for others, to fit in, to be part of society. She even gave up tofu and carob, and learned to cook foods others liked. She worked a job not meant for her, and dressed in clothes she hated.

Her home became a house, filled with trinkets and furniture people gave her. Though she appreciated these things, she never liked them. Still, even with all the extras she was given, she never accumulated much, at least not by society’s standards. In fact, she was often accused of an empty home, one that needed more furniture and pictures for the wall. One day someone stepped into her home, quickly glanced around, then accused her of being a ‘minimalist.’ She’d never heard that term before, but she kind of liked it, even though she didn’t really know what it meant. She was busy at the time, too busy to explore this idea, so she tucked it away in a corner of her mind.

This girl was well into womanhood now, her children quickly getting older. Life was anything but simple. Soccer balls, baseball hats, and camping gear filled the garage. Those were things that made their lives better, that gave her children hours of enjoyment. It wasn’t the material things that complicated her life at this point, it was living. She spent hours cleaning obsessively, cooking, and baking complex recipes with umpteen steps.

Don’t get me wrong, this young woman adored her family. She would do anything for them. And she did. But what she didn’t realize was, in the process of caring for her family and having a job, she had given herself away. She knew something was missing, and she had an inkling it was that little girl who once lived inside her.

Eventually, her children were grown. Baseball bats and toys that once scattered her home were gone. Cabinets were emptied of childhood dreams. Still, stuff remained, things she didn’t want, pieces she no longer needed.

Then on a hot summer day, during a vacation with her husband, there was an accident. A car rammed into them, and her brain was tossed inside her skull. She would have years of suffering and pain.

Don’t feel sorry for her. You see, this was the moment she had been waiting for, something she desperately needed. At first, the brain injury rendered her almost useless. But over time, she healed. Not only did she heal, she discovered a person inside, the little girl whose heart beat strong, whose passion for life, and cooking and creating, was waiting to be discovered again.

No longer would she work jobs that pleased others, or cook food only others enjoyed. No longer would she dress, or decorate, or wear her hair the way people thought she should. She would paint and write again, and make simple concoctions of oils and herbs, placing them on her skin and in her hair.

One day, she released the extra ‘things’ from her home. She filled up bags of clothes no longer worn, makeup never used, knick-knacks and utensils, shoes and books. She looked at her cabinets, clean and spacious, and smiled. She finally understood. She was a minimalist, a simple girl with a hippie heart.

She took a long road to where she is today, a path well worth the journey. She learned, she changed, and found the person she was meant to be. She is simple. She is hippie. Most of all, she is happy.


I hope you enjoyed this story. I would love to have you join me as I venture on this simple journey called life. I would love to show you what I have learned, but mostly, I would love to learn from you.

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional, or a certified nutritionist. Any information on this site is my own opinion.

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