My Top Thirteen

I love articles about simplicity and minimalism. I love them almost as much as I love chocolate. Almost.

Minimalism is a hot topic lately, found all over the internet, lined on bookshelves in the store. Some of you have practiced minimalism for a long time, some of you are in the middle of it, and others are just exploring. Wherever you are, enjoy it! It’s a fantastic journey.

As much fun as it is, we all need guidance and encouragement some days (and some of us, ahem-me, need it more often than others). Thankfully, there are many sites to help. So many, I had a hard time choosing which ones I wanted to tell you about. Thirteen was as minimal as I could get.


So here they are (in no specific order),

My Top Thirteen: (While these are mainly about minimalism, a few sites tie simplicity into their theme, which, in my opinion, go hand-in-hand.) — Gotta love Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. They tell it like it is, and live the lifestyle they preach. They are open, honest, and provide extremely useful information. They go beyond the basics of ‘stuff,’ and discuss things like writing, photos, and relationships. – Joshua Becker is the man behind this story. I love his revelation that started him and his family on the journey to Becoming Minimalist. Great articles. Fantastic advice. – Dan is a simple man with one goal-to help the world become a better place. In his blog he shares a few lessons he has learned along the way to living a simpler life. – Her name is Francine Jay. She captured my attention on her ‘About Me’ page. I love that minimalism, for her, is not about having an empty home, but a clean heart. It’s about giving time to what’s important in our lives. Love this blog. – one of my new favorite sites. It’s not officially about minimalism, but rather a site about living the simple farm life. Filled with both food recipes and miscellaneous recipes (like chalk paint), you will fall in love with not only the information, but the bits of wit the author includes on her blog. – Lauren truly lives the minimalist lifestyle, in a 220 square foot trailer. Impressive. Many articles about minimalism and lifestyle. A beautifully crafted blog. – If you are really into the minimal lifestyle, and thinking about downsizing, this is the site for you. Stock full of information on building a tiny house. – My list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of this site. Courtney is the author of this amazing blog and creator of Project 333. So much information, I’m not sure where to begin. She will guide you with understanding, style, and grace. – Another lovely site, filled with plenty of recipes and ways to simplify your life. I love the way the author talks to me, as if she is a friend. – The ultimate minimalist blog, with every topic imaginable, from Easter to babies, and budgets to clothing. If you are wondering about how minimalism relates to any of these subjects, this is the site for you. – There’s so much information on this site, you’ll have a hard time leaving. Rachel, the blogger and owner of this site, has a handle on minimalism. She is inspiring and motivating. Best of all, she’s a great teacher. You’ll get lost in her blogs. – There’s a lot more to this site than the name implies. Information about travel abounds, sprinkled with simplicity, gratitude, and minimalism. Add in the beautiful pictures, and well, you can’t help but read this site. Thanks, Daisy! – All about living a simple, green life. Emily’s writing is clear, concise, and friendly. When I read her blog, I bring my cup of tea, and feel like I’m with someone I have known all my life. Sweet and wonderfully written, informative and honest.

There you have it. My top sites. There are many great sites filled with incredible information. I’m sure I haven’t even come close to discovering them all. If you know another site about minimalism or simplicity that you would like to share, add it in the comments below. I would love to hear about it.

Have a simply lovely day.

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