It’s a Hard Habit to Break

I am an addict. It may not seem serious, in fact, if asked, many people in our society might fess up to this addiction, to the tune of eleven pounds per person (or 2.8 billion pounds in just the USA alone).

Yup, we have a serious addiction to chocolate. We eat it for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, and any other celebration we can think of. And if we can’t think of one, we eat it anyway, just for the sheer joy of it.

Chocolate has many health benefits. Here are a few:
– It is an antioxidant, which basically means it can prevent, or at least slow down, damage to the cells.
– It can improve blood pressure.
– It improves our mood (just looking at it makes me happy).
– Helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

I am seriously addicted to this treat, and knowing these benefits just encourages me to eat it every day. Lucky for me, I have a sugar allergy.

And there is the problem with most chocolate – sugar. When eaten in a candy bar form, cocoa is highly processed, mixed with sugar, often dry milk, and sometimes other little (unhealthy) ingredients thrown in for good measure.

So how do we satisfy our addiction to chocolate and still get the health benefits? I knew you’d ask. A while ago I was scanning “Nourishing Traditions,” a book written by Sally Fallon. It’s a cool book because it not only has a ton of recipes in it, it’s also filled with fun facts and information. It’s just as much fun to read as it is to make the recipes. As I searched through the pages I discovered her fudge recipe. It was so easy, I wanted to cry. Instead, I went out and bought the ingredients and made a big batch of fudge.

In a large bowl, mix:

-1 cup melted real butter or coconut oil.
I know, I know, fat, right? But (healthy) fat is necessary for our brains to think, and our bodies to work. Butter has vitamins D, E, K, and A, and also protects against tooth decay. Coconut oil (which is what I use), prevents high blood pressure and heart disease, reduces inflammation, and improves energy.

-1 cup raw, organic cocoa.

-1 cup raw, organic honey.
(Since I don’t eat cane sugar, I am sensitive to anything sweet, so I do closer to ¾ cup – but that’s your call).

Mix well before pouring into a 9 x 13 pan lined with parchment paper. Place in freezer. (Note – This bar needs to be kept frozen, or all you’ll have is a pile of chocolate goo. Still tasty, but a lot messier.)

*You can also add things like shredded coconut, chopped walnuts or macadamias, or even cocoa nibs. A sprinkle of sea salt on the top is a yummy touch.

There you have it, fudgy goodness that is actually good for you.

Side notes: There are 48 teaspoons of sugar in one cup of honey. I cut the chocolate into 48 bars, so I know each piece has one teaspoon.

Depending on which site you listen to, we shouldn’t eat more than 6-9 teaspoons of sugar per day (the lower being for women or those who consume less calories). That doesn’t mean you should eat 6-9 of these, it means take it into consideration when adding this treat to your daily diet.


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