Benefits of Simplicity

About a year ago, I was asked to write a post on a friend’s site, detailing the benefits I had received from living a life of simplicity. I excited, and a little nervous. After all, what if I hadn’t really received any benefits? What if this life I claimed to be living were a lie?

In the process of writing the post, I discovered more than I could have imagined. Apparently, there was something to this life and this thing called simplicity.

I recently went back to that same post, just to see if I still felt the same way today as I had nearly a year ago. Turns out, I wouldn’t change that post at all. I’ve been blessed by a simpler life, a less with less stuff, a life with more living.

You can read my past article here on

Are you living a life of simplicity? What benefits have you seen?

Or maybe a simpler life is what you long for. What benefits do you hope for?

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