Simple Changes

I am always looking for ways to simplify my life. This blog isn’t any different.

I began this blog with grandiose ideas, intent on writing about health, the planet, our homes, food, taking care of ourselves, and life, and how we can do them all in a simple fashion. But the truth is, though I enjoy all those subjects, I’m not passionate enough to keep them as categories on my blog.

So I’m doing some cleaning. Over the next few months, you will find a few changes.

The category, ‘Chow,’ has already been eliminated. Though I love to eat, I’d rather use simple recipes created by others than make up my own.

‘Shack’ will probably be the next to leave. There’s not much for me to write in this category. Maybe it seems straightforward to me, or perhaps a little overdone. But for me, taking care of our home is pretty simple – clean with whole ingredients, get messy, repeat. However, a few of my blogs will always touch on the subject of home, because home is, after all, where our hearts are.

‘Pampering’ is another category that will most likely be eliminated. It’s a touchy subject in our home, probably because my husband still has nightmares about the homemade shaving cream incident. After a small explosion, and lots of cleaning of cabinets, countertops, and the floor, I had to vow to never make it again. And though I’d love to try homemade lotion, I found a simple version I love so much better – coconut oil. It does wonders for the skin.

That leaves three categories: ‘Health,’ ‘Planet,’ and ‘Thoughts.’

I am truly passionate about health. I saw firsthand what a healthy lifestyle can do. I know if I hadn’t changed the way I ate, exercised, and even the medical professionals I saw, I would not be where I am today. One way or another, you will hear about health. Whether or not it remains a category is, at this moment, a mystery.

As for the planet, I love our planet, the mountains and ocean, and the diversity of our world. And I really, really believe in taking care of it. But writing about it? Probably not going to happen, at least not often enough to make it a category.

Which gets us to the final, and most used, category – Thoughts. I have plenty of those. As I look at my past posts, I realize this is the category that you, my beloved readers, like the most. This is where you and I meet, smack in the middle of life.

My new blog will include posts about life, what brings us together, what could tear us apart. Simple approaches on how to have a better, more meaningful life.

I am still The Simple Hippie, a girl who rambles on about the simple life. I hope you continue to join me.

I would love to know what you think, what you want to talk about, and any other thoughts you have.

As always, I hope you have a simply lovely day.

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