Perfectionism and Minimalism – The Perfect Marriage

I am a perfectionist. I am an alphabetized-spice-drawer addict, a color-coded-closet control freak. I am a book-lined-by-type, shoe-in-each-place, pens-perpendicular kind of person. Makes you wonder how I make it through the day, doesn’t it?

The truth is, I like my house, and my life, in order. I like to know exactly where each object is when I need it. I don’t want to search for anything.

Which is why I like minimalism.

Minimalism makes my less-than-perfect house seem cleaner. My house gets dirty like everyone’s, but with minimalism, there’s less to clean, organize, and maintain.

And with less to clean and organize, I Have More. I have More Time. More Money. More Freedom. Time for family, and myself. Money to give to others, and to save for retirement. Freedom, from shopping, choices, and searching for things.

Minimalism is the perfect marriage partner for a perfectionist. But I don’t think you need be a Type-A everything-in-control-and-in-its-specified-place perfectionist to be a minimalist, because even if you aren’t, the joy of minimalism, of owning less, and having more, will keep you, and your life, in order.

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