The Simple Power of Words

You are given 1000 words to use today. What will you do with them? What will you say?

I recently watched “A Thousand Words,” a movie about a man (Eddie Murphy) who talks too much. Seriously, give that guy a cup of coffee and his mouth doesn’t stop moving. Ever know anyone like that?

I appreciate those with a quick brain, and being able to keep the words moving as fast as the thoughts. Yet…. I wonder….

How many times have we spoken needless words? How many times have we babbled on without saying anything? Worse yet, how many times have we spoken without thinking?

Oh, if I could only take back those many words I said that were wrong, hurtful, thoughtless.


Idle chatter.






“A Thousand Words” is about forgiveness, and having peace with your past. It’s a movie about the power of words.

What if we used words to help, not harm? What if our words showed simple affirmations? What if we loved instead of hated? What if we thought before letting words slide off our tongue?

Like the ‘stuff’ in our lives, maybe our words should be less, and mean more. Maybe, sometimes, we need to minimalize what we say.

1000 words. What will you do with yours today?

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Material Girls (And Boys)

Why is clothing so cheap? Not in the money sense (thought that’s true as well), but in quality. It seems I barely purchase a new pair of jeans, and they rip, tear, stretch, or shrink, and before you know it, I’m at the mall, searching for a new pair. But before I even find my next pair of favorite jeans, my shoes fall apart, my sweater gets tiny balls all over it, my underwear loses its elasticity, and my shirt splits at the seams. It seems I am always shopping for something new. And I am tired of it.

Lately, I’ve been on a search for quality clothing. It’s hard to find. Most of what is out there is cheap and disposable, tossed in a landfill sometimes after just a few washings.

It isn’t only the landfill part that bothers me, it’s how much time I spend shopping, and how much money I throw away. A complete opposite of the simple hippie life I desire.

So, I’m on a quest for great quality clothing. And what better place to start than the internet? As I perused a few sites (I never did find any clothing), I came upon a cool blog. The name is The Graceful Geek, written by Grace Bush. Grace hits upon the very subject I am struggling with.

Grace calls our society’s shopping habit fast-fashion, a disposable type of clothing that brings us quickly from one fad to another. See how Grace is dealing with the problem.

I hope you join Grace and I in our desire to have less, and better, clothing. And if you know where I can purchase quality clothing, please drop me a line.

Have a beautiful day!

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