Simple Tricks to a Healthier You

In this modern world of technology and medical advancement, staying healthy should be easier than ever before. But the fact is, the health of our world is declining. We are facing epidemics never seen, rising at alarming rates in both adults and children: Autism, obesity, diabetes, and cancers, to name but a few.

There are many factors on which we can place the blame: GMOs, processed foods, food colorings, an overabundance of vaccines, overuse of antibiotics, high fructose corn syrup, pollution, pesticides and herbicides, and the list goes on.

It sometimes feels as if we are doomed. Because, let’s face it, when it comes to what is sold in the marketplace, what is placed on crops, and what is given to society, it seems as if we don’t have a lot of say. Much of the control is placed in the hands of large corporations.

But believe it or not, corporations listen. They hear what you say every time you go to the store. When we buy foods with pesticides, we tell them it is okay. When we purchase a quick meal laced with food colorings and additives we can’t pronounce, we are giving them the go-ahead to make more.

It’s true that sometimes no matter what we do, no matter how healthy we eat or how great of shape we are in, we can still get sick. It is an imperfect world, after all. But while we’re on this earth, shouldn’t we do our best to take care of ourselves? If not for us, then for the ones who follow.

I encourage you to do one thing to change your health. To better the world. To make the world a better place for future generations.

You don’t have to do it all. Pick one, and see the changes in your health.

Pick One:

~ Buy organic. If you can’t purchase all organic, purchase produce from the Dirty Dozen.

~ Stop buying pre-made frozen meals and meals in a can.

~ Don’t buy factory-farm meat.

~ Don’t buy soda.

~ Refuse anything with food colorings and multiple (unknown) ingredients. (Thankfully, some of the problems with food colorings are getting cleaned up, and now more colorings are natural-based, such as beets being used for the color red.)

Pick one. Change your health. Your body will thank you.

I’d love to hear about the changes you are making for better health. Leave me a note below.

Have a simply lovely, and healthy, day!

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4 thoughts on “Simple Tricks to a Healthier You”

  1. Vicki, I am one of your fellow Tribe Writers, and I am happy to have found you. We have a great deal in common, I think. You’ve been blogging longer than I have, so it might take me a while to read all of your stuff. But I am very interested. Nice to meet you! You can learn a bit about me at

    1. Hi Mary! We do have a lot in common. Like you, I am also from the Midwest, though now reside in the Pacific Northwest. I checked out your site, and am really excited to see what you have to say about nutrition. Thanks for reading! It’s great meeting you.

  2. You’re right that corporations listen. Though it’s not because they care about us (sadly) it’s because it’s starting to affect their bottom line. That’s why supporting small businesses and buying ethically matters so much. That’s why Walmart is suddenly selling organic products… they can make money from it. We need to keep making these decisions and eventually the tides will slowly turn.

    1. It’s true, it’s not because corporations care. It’s always about money. Money talks. (How sad is that?) I do hope things change, and that the tide isn’t too slow in coming in. Thanks for your feedback, Ania. I appreciate your thoughts.

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