I fear for the next generation. For the way we have selfishly pillaged and stripped the earth of its beauty, replacing once-forested areas with oil refineries. For the way land sits idle, like a forlorn war zone, void of life.

I fear for the future generation that will never see the full glory of the earth we were blessed with. Instead, majestic mountains will be the artistry behind mounds of trash, landfills will replace fields of wildflowers.

I fear for our future, where ships that once swam easily across the sea now rise high and cast their waste overboard. Where fish now feast upon garbage, gasping and choking, dying, leaving our circle of life.

I fear for the future, for where we once breathed clean air we now breathe poisons that fill our lungs and seep into our pores. Where the winds of bygone days blew across fair plains, pure and crisp, their tails now pick up toxins that kill and destroy.

I fear for the next generation. For once we leave this earth, we will be thrown back into the heap of rubbish we have created. But the next generation, they will be left with our mess.


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