The Start

In the beginning, well, you know the rest.

This isn’t about the very beginning, but it is about the world a long time ago (but not that long ago, really). There was a time when our world was different, when we cared for animals and our planet. There was a time of organic farming and humane treatment. There was a time when the earth was more than a place to pillage and plunder.

Along the way, we have forgotten what we once were. We have forgotten to care for animals and people. We have let money, greed, and overall selfishness take over. We lost our pride, our humanity, our ability to care for more than just ourselves.

This isn’t a guilt-thing, or a pointing-of-fingers, but a quiet reminder of what we need to do.

The attached video has circled the net for the last few years, been seen by millions of people, but its message is still the same. Enjoy.

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