A Simple Millionaire Christmas

I am rich.

But society says I’m not. Society tells me in order to be considered one of the fortunate, I need more ‘stuff.’ I need cars and a boat. I need useless furniture in my home. I need umpteen gadgets, piles of clothes, shoes that will never get worn, and jewelry dumped on my dresser. By society’s standards, I’m looking pretty poor about now. But I don’t feel it.

I look around and see all I’ve been given, a beautiful home, a great relationship with a man I love. I see family, friends, and food we share. Outside, beyond the flowers that bloom and wispy blades of grass, rises a mountain, showcasing its snow-capped tip in the early morning hours.

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There is nothing wrong with owning ‘things.’, a home to give shelter, a place to share with family. There is nothing wrong with gadgets, shoes, or clothes. But sometimes, with all the ‘stuff’ we own, it’s easy to forget where what richness really means.

Recently, I read a story about a woman who’d had her share of hardships, and still managed to see herself as rich. She was the true millionaire, the one who didn’t own a gadget, who found beauty in the simple side of life.

Thank you to Peter Fritz at blazeyourown.com for allowing me to share this simple millionaire story about his mom: “You’re Already a Millionaire.”


Have a simply lovely, and rich beyond measure, Christmas.

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