Simple Steps to a Cleaner, Greener You

April 22 is Earth Day.
Every year as Earth Day approaches, I think about our world, and wonder what we have done.

Thick pollution fills city streets.
Garbage sits in dumps, filled with materials needlessly purchased.
Dying animals suck in plastic bags.
Garbage floats in the sea.
Forests are eliminated for our own selfish greed.
Poisons are placed on plants and food, sink into the earth, damaging it, damaging us.

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Like many, I recycle. But recycling has its own set of problems, amounts of energy and water used. Recycling isn’t an answer, but a band-aid placed upon an open wound. It is a way of ignoring what is really happening in our world. And yet, I still recycle, unsure of how to eliminate plastic containers and glass jars from my life.

I bring my own reusable bags to the store, and refuse plastic ones when I am offered.

I have purchased stainless steel straws to use in place of plastic ones.

I take shorter showers, and use less make-up.

I do all this, and yet, I know it’s not enough. I am only one person, and what can one person do on their own? Nothing. And everything.

One person impacts another. Our world can change because of one person. I am not trying to change who you are, or what you do. But I want you to know, you, as one person, can make a difference. If not across the planet, across your part of the world.

This year, I am making it my quest to eliminate plastic packing. It won’t be easy, but I need to try. Plastic bags can take twenty years to decompose (some sites state hundreds, which may be true, depending on the type of plastic). Plastic floats in oceans, wraps around animals, gets stuck in airways. Children have suffocated from plastic.

I can’t change the planet by myself. But I can do something to make this world a little better, to make my own world better.

It’s easy to give up, uses bandages to briefly repair, it’s easy to ignore what’s going on. We are only one person. What we can do? We can do everything. We can change the world.

One day, I want to look back and say, “I did all I could.”

What will you do?

Here are a few ideas:

*Buy clothing from sustainable sources. Buy organic cotton, linen, wool.

*Eliminate plastic.

*Make your own food.

*Make your own creams and lotions.

*Drive less. Walk more. Bike more.

*Use technology more, and paper less.

*Stop plastic straws. Bring your own when you dine out.

You are one person. You can change the world.

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The Start

In the beginning, well, you know the rest.

This isn’t about the very beginning, but it is about the world a long time ago (but not that long ago, really). There was a time when our world was different, when we cared for animals and our planet. There was a time of organic farming and humane treatment. There was a time when the earth was more than a place to pillage and plunder.

Along the way, we have forgotten what we once were. We have forgotten to care for animals and people. We have let money, greed, and overall selfishness take over. We lost our pride, our humanity, our ability to care for more than just ourselves.

This isn’t a guilt-thing, or a pointing-of-fingers, but a quiet reminder of what we need to do.

The attached video has circled the net for the last few years, been seen by millions of people, but its message is still the same. Enjoy.

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